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It takes a lot of courage to take that first step, which is making the initial phone call. My treatment approach is to provide support and practical feedback to help clients address current life challenges and long standing issues. Common issues include the following: depression and anxiety, panic attacks, relationship issues, grief and loss, work and career issues, stress management, addiction and recovery, and conflict resolution. I also assist individuals and couples with the following issues: anger management, chronic pain, domestic violence, family conflict, self esteem issues, and post traumatic stress disorder (witnessing or experiencing a frightening event).

With over twenty years of experience, my speciality is to assist individuals through life transitions, such as divorce, empty nest syndrome, and assisting aging parents. However, I also work with couples as they experience stressors which may impact their relationship, resulting in marital dissatisfaction and/or separation; I have also assisted couples as they are going through the stages of divorce. As individuals experience life transitions, they may also experience personal growth. This may result in some tears, but usually results in a great sense of accomplishment.

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