Handling Grief During the Holidays

Surviving the "special days" of the year

Holidays, birthdays and anniversaries ... special days traditionally full of joy, family togetherness, gifts , thankfu1ness, and memories are among the most difficult times for people who have experienced the death of someone they love. For those who mourn, these times can be filled with sadness, loneliness, dread and an intensified sense of loss.

Many people have found that the anticipation of special days is sometimes worse than the day itself. Therefore, it is important to plan ahead for this vulnerable period of time.

While there are no simple guidelines to follow that will make grief easy ro cope with during the holiday season, the following suggestions may htlp make your personal experience with grief more tolerable.

A final reminder: Grief is a process. Allow yourself to be embraced by the company of caring, compassionate people who can accept where you're at without trying to diminish or erase your grief. This is the best gift you give YOURSELF, for the holidays and every day of the year.

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